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Need to Straighten Your Smile? Invisalign Aligners for Teens & Adults

Invisalign braces are a popular teeth straightening option for adults and teens. The clear incremental trays gently move teeth into the proper position. Many people mistakenly believe that orthodontic services like Invisalign aligners are strictly for appearance's sake. The truth is that about 81% of respondents reported that the benefits of Invisalign extended way beyond…

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Your Guide to Preventative Orthodontic Care For Your Child in 2021

Preventative dental care, including preventative orthodontic services, can help your child enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. While you cannot control genetics that may affect your child’s tooth development, you can control environmental factors that affect development by partnering with an orthodontist to help your child achieve a confident smile that lasts a lifetime. Starting…

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