COVID 19 - Coronavirus Update & FAQs

COVID 19 – Coronavirus Update & FAQs


As healthcare providers and members of our community, we believe that It is our responsibility to make decisions that help prevent the spread of the virus in the communities we serve.


Providing you with amazing care and keeping our community safe is our top priority. We will reach out to reschedule your appointments in the coming weeks. If you have a dental or orthodontic emergency, please call or text our office for additional information.


Q: Is your office closed?
A: Yes, our physical office is closed to the public, but we are staffed to help with orthodontic concerns.

Q: How do I reach you?
A: You can call the office directly as we will have phone coverage and call help with orthodontic issues.

Q: How long will the office be closed?
A: We are currently following the guidelines recommended to us by state and federal authorities. At this time we will be closed through April 30th.

Q: What if I have a true emergency?
A: Please contact our office and press 2 at the phone prompt, so that our emergency on-call staff can further assist you.

Q: I have an appointment scheduled. How do I know if it’s been cancelled or is still on?
A: All appointments through April 30th have been canceled. It is not necessary to contact us to check on the status of your next appointment. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to reschedule.

Q: What will happen to my treatment if my appointment is cancelled?
A: Braces continue to work even if an adjustment appointment is missed. When our office reopens we will make the proper adjustments to get your treatment progressing on schedule.

Q: I’m wearing aligners and I am running out or on my last aligner. What do I do?
A: Wear the aligners a few more weeks to get things moving. When our office reopens we will be able to make adjustments to keep you on schedule.

Q: I lost or broke my retainer. What do I do?
A: A few weeks without a retainer isn’t a huge issue because teeth move slowly. You get a break from retainer wear and we can get you a new one when the office reopens.

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