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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Braces: They Can Really Help You Out

Most people think of orthodontics as a cosmetic profession, helping people achieve a perfect smile that would be the envy of any Hollywood movie star or professional athlete.

But the best orthodontists help people achieve much more than just healthy smiles, they help correct conditions within the mouth that may cause harm later such as overbites. While these conditions may seem innocuous, they can lead to gum problems which can then translate to other health problems. The mouth is the gateway to a healthy body, after all.

In this brief article, we’ll go over how the best orthodontists use braces to correct more than just looks. In fact, by straightening someone’s teeth they can help correct a serious disorder called an overbite that can cause health problems.

Braces Can Help Correct More Than Just Looks

In fact, the second most common reason for braces, besides making your mouth look ridiculously good, is to correct an overbite. The reason why an overbite can be harmful is because of the possibility that the lower front teeth can strike the gum line in the back of the upper front teeth. Additionally, the upper front teeth may rub or contact the gum line of the lower front teeth, resulting in gum recession. Damaged gums can then lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and more serious problems like difficulty speaking and chewing. It’s no laughing matter.

There is no one cause of an overbite, but it’s thought that genetics can play a large role part in whether you have one. Certain chronic bad habits (such as thumb sucking) can also contribute to the problem. If you or your child always has their thumb in their mouth, the forward thrusting motion of the tongue may possibly be pushing the upper teeth and bone into a more forward position while the thumb itself pushes the lower teeth back. This can eventually result in an overbite.

Make sure to talk with your orthodontist about any needs you might have beyond simple teeth straightening. The best orthodontists will be able to explain complex concepts to you in a simple fashion that you can understand and process to make the best decisions for you and your mouth. They understand that not everybody cares about cosmetics and looking great, but that most people want a healthy mouth as an extension of their healthy body.

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